My Favourite Places
My favourite place is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.In fact, I have gone in Sumer 2007.First I visited Disney Land Resort Paris it was very big and very very beautiful, in brief it is fantastic.Then I visited my favourite place, the Eiffel Tower for two days.To sum up, it was my favourite trip because my best friend Maria came with me.

Visit Paris

Last Summer
Last Summer,I did many thigs.I was on te beach,in the pool, at Acuapark...I had a good time.I bought many clothes and shoes and I was with my friends.In August, it was the baptism of my niece, on the 29.That day, I went to Barcelona with my boyfriend and his parents. I spent five days and I visited the Sagrada Familia, the Camp Nou, the Rambla,the Gaudí house...I had a good time,but I was eager to return to see my parents,my brothers and my niece.

Cristiano Ronaldo
I am going to write about Cristiano Ronaldo,the best player in the world. He is very handsome and very attractive and tall.He has got short,dark,straight hair.He is very thin because he plays football.I like his personality because he is competitive ,energetic ,friendly ,funny, generous and is very very talented playing football that´s why he received the Fifa World Player,in 2008.He is the most expensive player in the history of football.He plays in Real Madrid,so he is wealthy.He has got many expensive cars.

My Week

This week has been tiring on Monday I have gone to the school of dance for three hours ,my teacher told me that I would dance in a performance next 4th February, we rehearsed in the stage,later I went my house.On Tuesday,I have gone to school,later I went home.In the afternoon I went to the shopping center with my friend Maria.On wednesday I did a technology test,then I went to school dance,I was dancing in the stage.

Next Summer
Next Summer I am not going to sleep until late. I am going to the beach every day, because I am not going to Barcelona to see the Camp Nou . I am going to hang around everyday with my friends and my boyfriend in the shopping center, eat a lot of ice-cream...

My life in 2035

In 2035, I will be fourteen years old. I will travel to London, New York, Punta Cana, Roma and Rome. I will be married and I will have two children. I will not be single. I will work in a good job, so I will get a good salary.


Hi Samuel,

I'm so happy you're coming to visit me. The weather will be perfect, so bring light clothes, bikini, shorts, t-shirt, sandals..

We will visit the beach, the Alcazaba, the Castle, the center, the Picasso Museum, the Comporary Museum.You'll need about 80€ for five days for the tickes because I will invite for lunch.We will have a good time.

Bye for now.