My Hobbies
First I like playing the videogames, I like the game "Call of Duty" , "Advance Wars: Dark Conflic", "Bubble Struggle 2" , "Lunar Knights", etc.
On the other hand I also play football,it is very funny and I like it because I play with my friends. In brief my hobbies are very funny and rare.


To begin he was a writer, from Uruguay, he was very old when he died.He wasn't bald, his hair was brown, his moustache was white. His clothes were not very modern. He was very interesting, friendly, generous, funny, talented, tall, thin and energetic.
He had a big nose and ears, he wasn't very attractive.
He was a very famous

Last Summer

Last summer was the funniest holiday in my life. I went to Almería, I visited many interesting places, I ate in restaurants with delicious food as meat, fish ... However I didn't ride of the car (carro) to pedals.
There was one swimming pool in the hotel. My family and I bought souvenirs on our way back house.

My Week

- On Mondays I haven't gone to the cinema, but I have been trying to download all the afternoon.
- On Tuesday I have gone to my friend's house to play the Nintendo Wii. I was the winner.
- On Wednesday I took my Wii a to a professional workshop and I have gone with my friends to play football.
- On Thursday my family have bought the Wii and video-games. I have been playing iat home.

Next Summer


Hi Mancebo,
You're coming to visit me. We can meet at the airport. We are going to visit the Picasso Museum, then the beach, the castle of Gibralfaro and finally the Alcazaba. Bring 100€ for souvenirs, buying tickets visiting the events and having lunch. We are going to eat in the best restaurant of Malaga. We will see a film in the cinema in Plaza Mayor called "Rec2".
Bye for now.