TWILIGHT By Stephenie Meyer

This is the story of a seventeen year old girl named Isabella Swan who lived in Phoenix, but her mom (Renée) remarried with Phil. Phil traveled a lot and Renée had to stay at home to look after Bella. So Bella decided to go to Forks to live with her dad, so that her mom could travel with Phil.
When Bella arrived at Forks her dad was waiting for her at the airport with the cruiser, her dad (Charlie) was Chief Swan of Forks, he told her that he had bought her an old red truck, she loved it.
The next day, Bella drove the truck to school, it was her first day at Forks High School. She met Jessica who sat next to her in Trigonometry, she met Eric, who helped her find the classes and she also met Mike who went to the same Gym class as her.

Bella was at the cafeteria talking to Jessica, Eric and Mike when she first saw them, she asked Jessica who they were, they were the Cullens: Alice, Emment and Edward Cullen. Rosalie and Jasper Hale.
At first Bella thought that Edward didn't like her because he was always keeping away from her, and even missed some days not to see her.
One day, Bella,
was next to her truck and heard a strange noise, it was another truck and it nearly kills her but Edward pushed it away. Bella was very surprised that Edward could push a truck away and she started asking him questions, but he didn't answer. Another day he skipped class because they were testing they're blood type, and he never went out in the sunlight. Bella started to suspect Edward, she went home and typed the word vampire in her computer, and the description was just like Edward. Slowly Bella started to realize that Edward was different.
One day Edward took Bella to the forest and Bella told him she knew what he was. Edward told her to say it and Bella said vampire.
Since then Bella and Edward got closer. And Edward told her many things about him and his family. He also told her he could read all minds except hers, and that he and his family didn't drink human blood only animal blood.
A few days later Edward took Bella to his house to meet his family. They all accepted her but Rosalie didn't.

It was all going fine between them until one day Bella, Edward and his family went to the forest to play baseball and out of the trees came another group of vampires, the leader was James. James smelt Bella's blood, he tried to attack her and drink her blood but Edward took her away and told her she had to leave the town. Bella went home to pack her things and then she left in her truck with Edward, Alice and Jasper. On the way they stopped.
James had Bella's mother and to save her she had to meet him in a building alone, so to save her she went to the building when nobody was looking, there James attacked her but Edward and his father came and saved her.
Bella woke up in the hospital her mother and Edward were there, when her mother left, Edward told Bella that she didn't have to leave town any more.
And when Bella got better Edward took her to the prom.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely Bones

This is the story of Susie Salmon, she was fourteen when she was murdered on December 6, 1973. Her murderer was a man from their neighborhood.
The night she was murdered it was snowing, Susie took a shortcut through the cornfield, but Mr.Harvey was standing in front of her, he asked her to come with him, he said he wanted to show something to her, a little house he had built. Susie followed him inside the house, after asking her if she had a boyfriend and if she was a virgin, he told her to take her clothes off, then he fought with her and pushed her on the floor, sat on her and began to kiss her. Susie kept shouting "please don't" and "don't please", then, for her to stop shouting, he smashed the hat her mother had made for her into her mouth. He ripped open her pants, went to get a knife and told her to say that she loved him, she did. But he killed her anyway.
When she first entered heaven she didn't like it and missed her family (mom, dad, younger sister Lindsey, younger brother Buckley and her dog Holiday), but after a few days she began to get used to it. She meet Holly, who had been in heaven three days, just like her. And later, on the fifth day, she meet Franny, who had been there longer than them and had more experience. She was there to help them. There were roads leading out of the high school in heaven, and Franny told them to walk the paths, and they'll find what they need. That's when Holly and Susie set out. Although Holly went to a part of heaven they didn't share, Susie missed her then.
Susie couldn't have what she most wanted: Mr.Harvey dead and her living.
Detective Fenerman phoned Susie's dad and said that she was probably dead. Jack, (Susie's dad), told Abigail, (Susie's mom), that Susie was probably dead, but he also said that nothing is ever certain.
Lindsey herd her dad talk on the phone to the detective Fenerman and asked what was going on, her dead told her that the Gilbert's dog found Susie's elbow and Lindsey vomited.
The police began their search, they searched in the cornfield and they interrogated many people but after a few months they stopped searching and said that she was dead.