Comparative and Superlative Adjectives.

  • We find the adjectives in three degrees; positive, comparative and superlative.
  • Examples of adjectives in the positive degree. A sunny day, some beautiful flowers.
  • Adjectives are always placed in front of the noun.
  • Adjectives have no plural.

  • Comparative adjectives that express equality As adjective As ( = ) As tall as...
  • Comparative adjectives that express inferiority Less adjective than ( - ) Less difficult than
  • Comparative adjectives that express superiority (+ )

SHORT ADJECTIVES adjective+ER Than Prettier than, Longer than, Bigger than
LONG ADJECTIVES MORE Adjective than More interesting than, More talented than

  • We use the Superlative to say than something has a quality in the highest degree.
SHORT ADJECTIVES The adjectiveEST Noun IN The happiest day in my life
LONG ADJECTIVES The MOST adjective Noun IN The most beautiful girl in the world

These adjectives have completely irregular comparative and superlative forms:

Adjective / Comparative / Superlative

good / better / best

bad / worse / worst

little / less / least

much / more / most

far / further, farther / furthest, farthest


Common Adjectives in English

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